Westlake Lake Trivia!


The Westlake Lake land was purchased by a developer in the early 1960’s for an unheard of price of $2,500 an acre. The entire lake project was completed in 1969, costing $3.5 million. This beautiful lake is 125 acres and has an average depth of 10 feet. The lake is filled with 3,000 blue channel catfish and 3,000 large mouth bass. There are over 1300 houses that have ready access to the lake, many of the residents own boats for recreational use or fishing.

As a result of the lake stretching across both Los Angeles and Ventura county lines, the developers were required to have bridge access from both counties. Instead of building two separate bridges, one bridge was developed right on top of the county line fulfilling the requirement for both counties. The street was named La Venta on behalf of the LA and Ventura county lines.

From inception, Lake front property values have been consistently strong and provide a unique experience. Whether you are sitting on your deck enjoying the boats passing by, kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing or taking an evening ride to the lake restaurants there is no better way to experience a vacation every day in your very own back yard.


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The information for this article was found on westlake-lake.com.

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